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Enjoy our Chicken Wing Meals, Signature Sides, & more

Smack Your Lips With Our Signature Dishes and Savory Sides in Mesquite, TX

Phat Wings serves the best and tastiest chicken wings in town and all around.

We are located in Mesquite, Texas, and have been in business for over five years. We take pride in providing the best chicken wing meals, signature sides like mac & cheese,baked beans, green beans and more.

Phat Wings

The Best Wings In Town & All Around

Phat Wings offers the DFW area’s best wings and sides. Our cooks specialize in preparing the tastiest chicken wing meals, curly fries, Mac-n-Cheese, sauces, dips, and desserts. Chicken wings at Phat Wings are made fresh on order. We don’t use frozen chicken.

Phat Wings has distinguished itself as one of the premier specialty food restaurants in Mesquite and the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Over the last five years, we have grown to become one of the trusted restaurants for providing quality wings and other items at an affordable price.

You won't believe your eyes, but you'll have to believe your taste buds!

Phat Wings

For the Love of Chicken Wings

If you are looking to try savory and delicious chicken wings, Phat Wings is the place! Our Jalapeno poppers, fried pickles, Phat-a-Nana Pudding, and Phat Tot Meal are also very popular with our patrons. We provide a unique experience in our mom and pop style wing joint.

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Phat Wings
Phat Wings